Our Creations

Marble Statue

Statues of Lord Ganesh, Mahaveer, Shiv Parwati, Ram sita, Hanuman and many more based on the requirements

Stone Carving

Stone carving includes jaali, Jharoke, Fountain, Gate, Door, Pillar etc

Marble Carving

Marble carving includes Various art like jaali, Jharoke, Gate, Door, Pillar etc


Vedi in best quality marble i.e Vietnam in affordable prices with 24 carat Pure gold work on it

Temple Construction

Temple Construction in stone, marble with superior quality assured

Glass Work

Color glass work on the walls and ceiling with glass tiles, paintings. glass shining warranty for years.

Gold Glass Work

Pure gold glass work on the walls and ceiling with glass tiles, painting. glass shining waranty for years.


Oil paintings, canvas painting on history, 24 tiranthkar, Personal etc.

Nakashi Art

Nakashi art usually contain bright hues with a predominance of red in the background. They are used in storytelling.

Wooden Art

Unique wooden wall decor and custom signs, professionally designed and handmade using natural materials.


Kalash is a metal (brass, copper, silver or gold) pot with a large base and small mouth with 24 carat pure gold work on it.


Mughal-Ae-Azam is an ancient Glass Work in Thikri Glass, Goli Glass, Gold Mughal-Ae-Azam Glass etc.

Interior Designing

Dedicated to the tiniest details of design. We connect every DOT between you and your dream home while offering an absolutely hassle-free experience.