Jethi Handicrafts, built up in year 1985 is a Leading production and exporter of Marble painstaking work. Being in the business for more than 37 years, we have a devoted band of craftsman who makes enchantment in marbles. We have a majestic gathering of Indian art, roman figure, temples, marble art, marble statue, moorti,laxmi, radha-krishana, ram- sita, Vishnu & jain Shwetamber Etc. We are likewise represented considerable authority in Jain Temples interior designing using Glass, Paintings, Statues, Vedies, Temple Construction, Gold Glass, Gold Paintings, Gold Vedi, Kalash and so on. Add another shading to your home style with these hypnotizing and beautiful examples. Every one of our items are an extremely valuable ownership. We produce statues of God, Goddess. Our organization likewise makes and does Golden work on marble handiwork things like Flower Pots, Fountains, Lotha, Surai, Plates, Jar, Jam Set, Antique Lantern and so on. We completely guarantee the quality you want, craftsmanship you require and fulfillment you ache for. We worked relatively every territory of India. Your fulfillment is our prosperity.

What is Art?

This inquiry flies up regularly, and with numerous answers. Numerous contend that workmanship can't be characterized. We could approach this in a few different ways. Workmanship is frequently viewed as the procedure or result of intentionally masterminding components in a way that interests to the faculties or feelings. It envelops an assorted scope of human exercises, manifestations and methods for articulation, including music, writing, film, figure and artistic creations. The significance of workmanship is investigated in a branch of rationality known as feel. Craftsmanship is by and large comprehended as any movement or item done by individuals with an informative or stylish reason something that communicates a thought, a feeling or, all the more by and large, a world view. It is a segment of culture, reflecting monetary and social substrates in its outline. It transmits thoughts and qualities inborn in each culture crosswise over space and time. Its part changes through time, getting a greater amount of a stylish segment here and a socio-instructive capacity there.

Our Mission

To create values and make difference. To make our customers satisfied in the best possible manner. To assure that quality is not compromised. The company should always be remembered for its invaluable services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a recognised industry leading by our customers in Marble related businesses in which we compete. In such a manner providing wide range of quality products, processed using the latest technology, at affordable prices while providing the conciliation to our customers.